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5 Horrifying Things Found At McDonald’s

Whether or not we’d like to admit it, most of us will never stop going to McDonald’s. No amount of Morgan Spurlock documentaries or journalistic exposés will ever be enough to sour diehard fans of the fast-food giant, but if you're looking for help with your McDonald's moratorium, this list ought to do the trick. Here are 5 horrifying things that were actually found at McDonald's restaurants. 

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By the time the late 90s began rolling around, McDonald’s realized they had to revamp their venues for today's kids, who were more into Playstation than ball pits. 

In an effort to keep children interested in the brand, McDonald’s restaurants started installing video game sections in their venues. Unfortunately, one game turned into an unexpected crash course in sex ed. 

While playing solitaire at one game station, a Pennsylvania girl noticed the pictures on the back of the cards weren’t the typical images of Grimace or Ronald McDonald. Instead, they were erotic snaps of scantily-clad women posing suggestively.

What’s more, even after the parent had complained, the game was still active when local media outlets began visiting the location hours later, and only disabled once reporters began asking some tough questions.

Dirty Needles
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Here’s a more recent one. Earlier this year, an 8-year-old girl was stuck with a needle while crawling around a Play Place in West Virginia. Don’t worry—she was fine, thankfully. But her parents certainly didn't appreciate their meal trip turning into a mashup of 'Super Size Me' and 'Trainspotting.' 

But, if you think that was the grossest thing a kid ever picked up at McDonald’s, keep reading...

Used CondomGettyImages 930241902

A Chicago mother took her local McDonald’s to court in 2012 on behalf of her two sons after the younger of the two found a used condom on the floor of the restaurant. Did he leave it alone and promptly inform his mother? No, of course not. Instead, he later "coughed up a piece of it," according to a Reuters article.

Come to think of it, the "McCondom" isn’t the worst marketing idea we’ve ever heard. After all, people already associate the brand with quick satisfaction followed by lasting regret. And instead of 'Magnums,' they could offer super-sized latex.

Onion Nuggets

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Yup. This was a legitimate menu item that hit four test markets back in the 1970s.  The concept was an attempt to create a unique take on the onion ring by deep-frying big chunks of onion. Unsurprisingly, the greasy onion chunks didn't wow customers, and the concept was dead on arrival.

You might think this was an ill-fated attempt to capitalize on the roaring (and lasting) success of the Chicken McNugget. But oddly enough, the Onion Nuggets actually predate their meat-based alternative. That just goes to show that sometimes you gotta burn through a few bad ideas before hitting on one that works.

Dead Mouse Latte
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Back in 2014, a New Brunswick man claimed to have found a dead mouse a the bottom of his morning cup of McDonald’s coffee. And we're not talking about the masked Canadian EDM producer known as Deadmau5. We’re talking a very real, very dead rodent.

There's no word on whether or not the little critter died before or after finding its way inside the coffee cup. So McDonald's may have actually invented a better mouse trap.


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