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5 Breathtaking Hikes In Legal States With Vibrant Fall Colors

Fall is officially here and anyone who’s ever gone outside around this time of year knows there’s nothing better than taking a leisurely stroll through a richly coloured trail or forest. To make the most of your autumnal sojourn, Civilized has rounded up some of the best spots in America’s recreationally legalized states to enjoy the changing colors. 

1. Clear Lake, Oregon

shutterstock 150058682Recommended by Oregon’s top fall foliage experts is a hike beginning at Clear Lake, where the McKenzie River National Recreation Trail begins. Located off Highway 126 between Eugene and Bend, this trail circumnavigates the lake through thick forest and lava fields, providing a series of breathtaking fall-time vistas throughout your trek.

2. Kebler Pass, Colorado

shutterstock 158941865

Known for being one of renowned photographer John Fielder’s favourite places to shoot the fall colors, this graded gravel road (County Road 12) snakes west from Crested Butte past a parade of awe-inspiring creeks, meadows and mountains. Vibrant yellows and oranges enrobe the hillsides around this time of year, and the unpaved nature of the road allows for frequent picture-taking pit stops.

3. Washington Park Arboretum, Washington

shutterstock 227970997

With 5,500 varieties of trees, plants and flowers, this 230-acre nature park on the shores of Lake Washington is the ideal spot to be dazzled by the changing of the seasons. One of the grounds’ must-sees during the fall season is its mountain larch, whose golden hue almost seems to glow.

4. San Juan Skyway, Southwest Colorado

shutterstock 108803744

This 233-mile byway is another John Fielder favourite – for obvious reasons. Winding through the San Juan Mountains and offering its travellers a range of eye-popping foliage all along, this route is a must-see for you and all your Facebook friends, alike.

5. Denali National Park, Alaska

shutterstock 317793515

Located roughly 250 miles south of the Arctic Circle, Denali National Park boasts more than 200 species of animals and a vivid explosion of color via birches and aspens through September. The fall season goes by in a blink in Alaska, so make sure you get your visit in soon.  

h/t Dazzling Places, Oregon Fall Foliage, Denver Post, The Atlantic


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