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5 Hemp Facts From History

Hemp is the fiber of the cannabis plant. It has a number of uses that have nothing to do with getting high, and hemp has a long, storied history both in America and around the world. Here are 5 hemp facts from history.

  1. The world’s first textiles were woven from hemp more than 10,000 years ago.

  2. In addition to fabrics, hemp has been used throughout history to make oils, paper, medicine, and even food. These were crafted as all natural products without a lot of the negative environmental impact that, say, the oil industry, has today.

  3. It’s thought that hemp first came to North America via viking longboats.

  4. Later sailing vessels relied on hemp for their sails. In fact, the USS Constition used over 60 tons of hemp sails.

  5. The first law about hemp was written in 1619, ordering all farmers in the new world to grow hemp, instead of banning the plant as it is today.

Hemp is extremely useful, and years of fear mongering and bad law-making have made it hard grow and use in modern America. Only educating ourselves about the history and uses of hemp can change that.


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