5 Good Ideas That Don't Work Because Humans Are Stupid

The world is flowing with great ideas and inventions. Every time you turn on the TV, there’s a commercial for a new advanced technology product that somehow makes your entire life so much more efficient. With the constant flood of new inventions being introduced, it’s fair to assume they succeed in making people’s lives simpler because they are very straightforward and easy to use, but that’s not necessarily the case. Unfortunately, there are a number of great ideas and inventions that don’t work or are basically ruined because people are stupid.

One of the more simple ideas is the “Do not block intersection” sign hanging from most traffic intersections. Though it might seem like a simple driving rule to prevent a car accident and ensure your safety, many drivers don’t abide by traffic laws. If everyone stopped blocking traffic intersections though, this would certainly be a great idea. Another idea ruined by people is the  group project. Collaboration is key to maintaining any type of business or finishing an assignment because multiple minds are better than one, but oftentimes group projects end in chaos because people’s egos take over.


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