5 Foods That Aren't From The Country You Think They Are

French Fries. Are they actually French? There is a debate on this topic in which some historians believe they were first made in Belgium, where villagers cooked their potatoes how they cooked their fish, fried. Other experts believe differently, saying that French Fries were in fact created in France because the French were cooking frites way before Belgium. Although this debate may never be settled, we can all agree on one thing, that many of our favorite foods are not in fact from the country we think they are from. This is because the world is made up of diverse people who travel the world to learn about different cultures while sharing their own.

Another common food that has an unexpected birthplace is corned beef and cabbage. Known by most as a traditional Irish dish, it is actually an alternative to a real Irish dish, pork and potatoes. After the first St. Patrick’s Day in New York City in 1762, Irish immigration to the U.S. exploded. The new wave of Irish immigrants brought along their own food traditions, but some they couldn’t recreate because food prices were more expensive in America. Instead of the tradition pork and potatoes, they discovered a cheaper alternative to pork at Jewish delis, corned beef. Then, while potatoes were still available, cabbage was a cheaper option, so corned beef and cabbage became the new “traditional” Irish dish.



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