5 Facts You Didn’t Know About California

As part of the Compromise of 1850, which ultimately resolved the divisions of slavery created during the Mexican-American War, Congress granted California official statehood on September 9, 1850. Over 165 years after it became the 31st state to join the Union, California has become one of the leaders in marijuana legalization among other things. As the cannabis industry continues to grow at an exponential rate, California is growing with it, but in more ways than just cannabis, as there are a number of facts about California that most people probably don’t even know.

First, in 1510, author Garci Rodriguez de Montalvo wrote “Las Sergas de Esplandián” about Amazon-like warriors living on the island of California, a paradise with gold and precious stones. This story became so popular among Spanish explorers that when they landed on an island they believed was on the Pacific coast, they named it California after Montalvo’s mythical land. Then, when California joined the Union in 1850, San Jose was named the original state capital, but legislators grew unhappy with their accommodations, so they accepted an offer to move to Vallejo. When they arrived, their new home was still under construction, so they settled in Sacramento, which became the permanent state capital in 1854.


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