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5 Facts About How Cannabis Was Used by the Mayan People

Marijuana is one of the oldest known psychoactive drugs that has been used for thousands of years by a number of different cultures and religions. The drug has been used all across the world for all different purposes, like in Ancient Egypt for example, cannabis was used as a pain-reliever, and traces of it is found in the remains of several mummies. Marijuana was also grown and consumed in Early America, where colonists cultivated sativa L, which contains less than 1% THC, not nearly enough for anyone to get high. The Mayan people was another civilization across the world that grew and consumed cannabis as part of its culture as well.

The Mayan people actually grew large marijuana farms that were only just recently discovered, as they were previously mistaken for pyramids, “They’re not Maya pyramids. They’re either abandoned cornfields, or active marijuana fields.” Since the Mayan people had so many marijuana farms, it’s fair to assume that they consumed the plant like they consumed tobacco, by grinding the flower into a powder to make a powerful alcoholic drink. There is also plenty of evidence of this in much of their art, which has a long suspected history of smoking depicted pictorially on murals, showing Mayans used cannabis for all purposes.


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