Everyone has something to say about Donald Trump. Ever since Donald Trump announced his candidacy in 2015, he has been talked about all across the globe. Now that he is the president of the United States, Trump has had a lot more to say in response to news and recent events, and people have a lot more to say about him. With Trump as president, now more than ever, everyone is expressing their opinions, even children who don’t necessarily have a complete understanding of politics. Kindergarten teachers from Reddit share some of these thoughts and opinions of Donald Trump that their students express. 

According to one kindergarten student, “Donald Trunk (yes, she said Trunk) was a bad man because he tells people he has lots of good surprises but he's really a big liar.” This student may have pronounced Trump’s name wrong, but at least she didn’t lie and was honest. Another student actually wants to be president of the United States herself, “I don't want her to win because that's been my dream since I was a little girl to be the first female President, but of course I want her to win because she is a powerful and experienced woman politician, and Trump is a meanie-head." Well, hopefully then the next president of the United States won’t be a man or a meanie-head.