5 Craziest Pizzas You Can Order in the United States

Pizza is an Italian dish that has been perfected in Italy, though it’s become a culinary favorite eaten all across the world. People especially love pizza when they can customize their pies with whatever toppings they choose or when the pizza is fused with another cuisine. In the United States, pizza is popular in every state and though better in some, it’s eaten everywhere, even some of the craziest pizza slices.

Sushi pizza is a unique pizza that combines Italian cuisine with Japanese cuisine, and it is served at Shokudo Japanese Restaurant & Bar in Honolulu, Hawaii. The “crust” is made of baked sushi rice topped with sashimi and jalapenos. The taco pizza from Tony Baloney’s in Atlantic City is another crazy pizza that consists of 18 tacos filled with carne asada chipotle sauce and hand pulled queso Oaxaca Mexican string cheese topped with a pile of guacamole. If you’re in the mood for some pizza for breakfast though, you can also eat the crazy breakfast of champions pizza at Dimo’s Pizza in Chicago. This pie is topped with scrambled eggs, chorizo, and home fries. So instead of going for a classic cheese slice, try out one of these crazy pies.


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