5 Craziest Pizza Restaurants in America

Pizza is a traditional Italian dish popularly eaten all across the world, though the United State has became very famous for its pizza because restaurants are always introducing new and unique types of pies. In addition to the traditional Italian pizza specialities, these restaurants are also offering a number of other options that may fuse together different cuisines. A popular pizza fusion is with Asian cuisine, including Indian and Korean barbecue style pizzas. Some of these pizza restaurants are also unusual because they offer interesting dining experiences for customers, like a pizza box made of pizza, or simply a mellow dining atmosphere.

Vinnie’s Pizzeria in Brooklyn, New York is an example of one of these crazy American pizza restaurants because not only is it the creator and cook of the famous Pizza Box Pizzas, but it is also home to the Pizza on Pizza slice.  Their world famous Pizza Box Pizza creation typically takes at least an hour to prepare and assemble for the safest and healthiest eating. As for the Pizza on Pizza slice, it is exactly as it sounds, mini pizza slices baked in as toppings on and already large pizza slice.Vinnie’s also uses its world famous specials board to feature its daily specials by using puns and famous pizza eaters.


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