5 Craziest Castles You Can Actually Stay In

At a very young age, almost every kid dreams of one day living in a castle like the ones they see in some of their favorite TV shows and movies. Today, this isn’t so much a fantasy though, because now both children and adults can live their dreams by staying in a real castle. Even though castles are typically associated with fictional stories, there are many places across the world that have historic castles that were once lived in for several generations. Now, some of these castles are no longer inhabited by these families, but visitors and travelers who simply want to stay in a crazy castle for a fun vacation.

Château de Sédaiges, which is situated in Marmanhac, France, is an example of one of these castles that visitors can stay in. This particular castle has a history that dates back to the 1200s when it was composed of dungeon attached to living quarters which opened to an interior courtyard, connected with smaller towers. By the 1400s, this castle structure was left in ruins, but by 1456 a Caissac family wedding helped rebuild the ruins, based on the original design. Famous architect Violet le Duc then redesigned the castle starting in 1860, which holds the same appearance today as one of the most beautiful examples of neo-gothic architecture.


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