5 Country Folk Describe Things City Folk Don’t Understand

There are many differences between rural and urban areas. Oftentimes, when people from the country move or visit a city, they’re surprised by all the lights and tall buildings. On the other hand, people from the city are also surprised when they visit the country because there are basically no buildings. People from the country and city live very different lives, so there is a lot they don’t know about each other and other places. Fortunately, some kind country folk share with Reddit what city folk don’t understand about rural areas.

Well, it is no surprise that rural areas are filled with farms and open fields where many country folk raise cattle and cows. For this reason, it’s very common to find a cow wandering the streets, “There is always that one cow from that one dude that always escapes to wander the roads at night and it's 2am some cop or passing driver wakes you up… then you have to call your nearest neighbor to call that one dude.” Cops in rural areas are often called for wandering cows, which is actually noted in local newspaper police blotters.


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