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5 Cops Share the Weirdest Thing They’ve Had to Arrest Someone For

Every day you hear and see more news about criminals hurting and killing innocent people. For this reason, many people assume that every criminal is extremely and dangerously scary because they’re capable of such horrible attacks. What many of these people don’t see are the small and more common local criminals who commit crimes that are less scary and more weird. Cops on Reddit share some of these stories of the weirdest crimes they have had to arrest someone for.

“My sister's dad… had to arrest a woman in her late 40s on a bus for rubbing her cleavage on a five year old girl's face.” When the cops arrived, the woman had her reasoning, explaining that it was simply a “voodoo ritual” she was forced to do otherwise the “demons of hell” would grab her and pull her down. When they checked the woman for drugs, she tested positive for both meth and heroin. Crime certainly doesn’t have an age though, “My father once had to arrest a 70 year old man who was attempting to drive his granddaughters toy Jeep on the highway, naked.” Naked or not, driving a toy Jeep on the highway is certainly weird.   


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