5 Coolest Abandoned Towns in the U.S.

Abandoned towns and places fascinate people in the United States with their mysterious traces of life and creepy energy that fills the empty streets. Many of these towns were once popular among visitors until they were completely abandoned and shut down for a number of reasons. Visitors often traveled to these places because some of them are former glamorous resort towns, but are now considered ghost towns.

Bodie, California is one of the best preserved ghost towns in the United States, but it couldn’t preserve life because of the subarctic climate, which reached some of the most extreme seasonal temperatures, pushing the townspeople out by the 1940s. Now, Bodie has more than 100 buildings still intact and a fully stocked general store, so it’s certainly worth making the trip. Cahawba, Alabama is another abandoned town known as, “Alabama’s most famous ghost town”, because it was the state’s first capital city between 1820 and 1825. Residents all drifted away from the town for good by 1900, so the town is now the Old Cahawba Archaeological Park, with plenty of abandoned streets and ruins, so be sure to visit these creepy and historical towns before they’re gone completely.


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