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5 Coolest Abandoned Resort Towns on Earth

Located in some of the most coveted places in the world are a number of lavish hotels and resorts where guests used to fill the rooms for summer getaways and celebrations. Now, the once luxurious suites, ballrooms, and indoor swimming pools are mostly inhabited by mold and rats, which actually make some of these places more cool. Few people think cool when they hear ‘abandoned’, but some forgotten resort towns and hotels are worth visiting.

El Hotel del Salto in Colombia was once a huge tourist attraction because of its location and view of  the nearby waterfalls, but the hotel is now both abandoned and haunted. The hotel closed in the 1990s though, due to pollution in the river, so now El Hotel del Salto has gained a reputation as a “suicide spot”. The Sanzhi UFO houses in Taiwan are another cool abandoned resort town because they were originally intended to mirror a futuristic resort town for U.S. military personnel. The houses were abandoned just a year after construction though, due to lack of investment and financial losses. Even though these abandoned hotels and resort towns might not have a place for you to stay, you should certainly visit.  


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