5 Classic Cannabis Books All Enthusiasts Should Read

As the cannabis industry continues to grow at an unexpected rate, more information and products are discovered and introduced into the market. As more information on the plant becomes available, it is also becoming more difficult to understand and learn about cannabis. Fortunately, there are also many marijuana books available for every cannabis enthusiast who loves reading to learn more about the plant.

The Emperor Wears No Clothes” is a classic cannabis book that every connoisseur should read simply because it is written by Jack Herer. This classic piece was first published in 1985 after years of research to expose the history of marijuana, the lies surrounding the drug, and the many uses as a world-saving natural resource. Now years after its original publishing date, the text remains one of the best and most accurate cannabis books on the market. “Marijuana Grower’s Handbook” is another must-read because it was written by experienced cannabis grower and world-renowned marijuana expert Ed Rosenthal. This now famous book covers all aspects of cultivating cannabis both indoors and outdoors to grow the most potent flower, so even though you may think yourself an expert, there’s lots to read on the plant.


There are plenty of awesome cannabis edibles recipes on the internet. You can make brownies or cookies or even pastas or other dishes. And since making edibles isn’t really that hard, there are recipes to add cannabis to just about any food dish you can imagine.

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