5 Chefs Share Their #1 Useful Cooking Tip

Cooking is one of the best and certainly tastiest ways to bring people together. On average, cooking one meal shouldn’t be too time consuming, but that varies depending on the cook’s skill set. Many people simply cook from home, so they aren’t actually trained in a number of cooking techniques, which may require more time in the kitchen. Fortunately, according to master chefs of Reddit, who are experts in the art of cuisine, so they oftentimes provide helpful tips for the typical home cook trying to improve his or her cooking.

"You can always stop cooking," is one of the most basic and yet one of the most essential cooking tips. Remove a dish from the burner or oven when deemed necessary because you can always keep cooking, but you can’t uncook food. Unfortunately, once food is burnt, it can’t be unburnt. Another helpful tip, “Learn cooking techniques instead of recipes.” Some recipes may require expert cooking techniques that need practice and experience before proceeding with the recipe. Instead, if you learn the process first to master the technique, following recipes will then be easy and efficient. Also, instead of using raw garlic to flavor dishes, “Roasted garlic.” By simply swapping roasted garlic for raw garlic, the flavor changes, creating an entirely different dimension to the dish.  


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