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Future's So Bright: 5 Sunglasses To Make You Look Like An Incognito Celeb

Sunglasses: a staple item that, when done properly, can take you from just-rolled-out-of-bed schlub to dapper man-of-mystery in a single stylistic bound. This summer, don't fall for the siren song of cheap, bodega-quality sunglasses that snap in two after a few wears: frame your face with with the statement piece it deserves.

Here are five pairs (almost) guaranteed to get you trailed by the paparazzi.

1. Persol 714s

First introduced back in the1960s as the world's first folding sunglasses, the 714s were popularized by consummate badass Steve McQueen, who wore them in the film The Thomas Crown Affair with typical panache. One of the cornerstones of the Persol collection: get the look for $168 from Amazon.

2. Tom Ford Johnson Aviators

These Italian-made squared aviators feature funky, solid-coloured lenses in a variety of shades. Investing in this pair from master of modern luxury Tom Ford means you'll look as suave as James Bond himself: leading man Daniel Craig is regularly spotted wearing Ford shades. $435 from Neiman Marcus.

3. Oliver Peoples' Soloist Sunglasses

Teardrop-shaped lenses and a metal bridge update the classic styling of the Soloist: get it in clear, black or tortoise. Each pair also includes a large size cleaning cloth with original bandana patterns. $510, limited edition website exclusive.

4. Ray Ban Erika Velvet

One of Ray-Ban's most fashion-forward sunglasses, these feature pilot lenses and frames embellished in soft, cutting-edge velvet material. True trend-setters will want to check out the bold colour options, which include bright red, violet, yellow, in addition to the classic black (shown above). $170 from Ray-Ban.

5. Gucci Rectangle

Beware of imitators: while Chinatown "Gucci" glasses are a dime a dozen, the genuine article are worth the price tag. To avoid getting ripped off: check the nose pads. The Gucci logo should be there, as should a "CE" stamp for "Conformité European": these will help confirm the authenticity, if the heft and classic style don't. $300 from Gucci.


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