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5 Cannabis-Themed Gift Ideas You'll Want For Yourself

Some gifts are almost too good to give away.

Case in point: these sweet gifts will suit every cannabis consumer - and any price range.

1. O-Puff

Feeling a little breathless after a session? Maybe still the teensiest bit tense? Enter O-Puff: a canister of 95 percent pure, recreational oxygen marketed as a recovery tool for cannabis consumers. The manufacturers claim it helps "top off your energy levels" and "increase focus and mental clarity." Even if it's just a placebo effect, some still swear a shot of straight-up O2 a la O-Puff helps them further increase their chill. $34.99 from O-Puff.

2. Roll-uh-Bowl

Perfect for klutzes and outdoorsy types alike, Roll-uh-Bowl offers the smoothness of a bong, with no worries about smashing that fragile glassware when you're out rock-climbing or whatever you do. Based on the concept of foldable traffic cones, the 8" tall bong is indestructible silicone, with a removable downstem and bowl. Maybe the coolest thing about Roll-uh-Bowl? When it gets gross, simply throw it in the dishwasher. Available in purple, black, orange, blue, and green. $34.99 from Billowby.

3. Jupiter

Vapes, and our phones: two 2015 tech mainstays that inspire an almost fanatical devotion. Jupiter is a weird mash-up of your two favourite habits: in theory, text and browse Facebook on the device, then use it to vape your fave herbal blend. Since Jupiter is still in development, we can only hope this device won't be a Jack-of-all-trades, master of none. Starts at $299 to $499, available for pre-order from Jupiter.

4. Pax 2

There are a couple reasons why the Pax 2 is hailed as the world's best vaporizer: if you wear headphones, people could well assume it's an iPod. The redesigned brushed-aluminum model has an improved charging system and easy-to-clean mouthpiece with no finicky mechanical parts. The LED light system lets you know when it's ready to go. Particularly cool? Motion-sensing technology. If it doesn't move or sense your lips for three minutes, the unit turns off to preserve your battery life. Good thing there's a 10-year warranty, seeing as it's $359 from Pax.

5. Tweed Shirt

For the cannabis consumer who has everything they need: why not a some stylish, subtle cannabis-themed apparel? We especially dig this minimalist "Hi" design from Canadian legal cannabis purveyor Tweed. 100% ringspun cotton, super-soft, lightweight, slim-fit tee. Sure to be a hit: you won't want to pass on this. $20 from the Tweed Merch Store.


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