5 Bosses Share The Worst Interviews They’ve Ever Experienced

Interviewing for a job is sometimes one of the most stressful parts of the job. The applicant can never predict what they’re going to be asked or who is going to be asking them questions, so being prepared isn’t always enough. Some applicants go into the interview feeling extremely confident and qualified for the position, but then they leave feeling nervous. There are many reasons why a job interview goes bad, but most of the time, applicants will act or speak inappropriately, which oftentimes results in a rejection letter. Many bosses from Reddit, share some stories of the worst interviews they’ve ever seen.

After being rejected from a job, one applicant actually charged the company for his interview time, “Had a guy who interviewed for a position. Seemed to do okay in the actual interview, but when he was not selected for the position, he sent us an invoice of a few thousand dollars.” According to the boss, the applicant charged the company his normal “hourly rate” for a 30 minute interview. Another applicant made a huge mistake when talking with the head of the company, “This is what he asked her. ‘I'm not sexist, but I know a lot of other people think women aren't great engineers, so my question is... How is it that you got into such a high level position? ... Was it luck?’" Needless to say, he was asked to leave.


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