5 Booming Weed Cities You Didn’t Know About

Marijuana is a booming industry worth hundreds of billions of dollars that will only continue to grow as more states and places begin to legalize. In the obvious cannabis cities, like Los Angeles, California, Portland, Oregon, and Denver, Colorado, the industry is expected to grow and become more accessible with time. The same can be said about a number of smaller and unknown cities that are booming weed towns you didn’t know about.

Sedgwick, Colorado is an unlikely weed city because residents were in talks of disbanding when the town’s economy tumbled in the early 2000s. While they were discussing disbanding, Sedgwick allowed a medical marijuana dispensary to open in 2012, which turned the town around. The dispensary generated a large tax revenue from marijuana sales, which allowed Sedgwick to build a maintenance fund to rebuild the town. Adelanto, California is another unlikely weed city because it was $2.4 million in debt in 2014. The following year the first industrial marijuana cultivation site opened in the sleepy city, and now pot sale taxes are expected to inject millions into the city budget. The legal marijuana market has helped, and will continue to help rebuild economies and buildings in a number of weed cities you didn’t know about.


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