5 Blockbuster Movies that Got Shelved in 2018

Despite the current inundation of film and television projects that have come out in recent years, pulling a movie together is no small feat, and there are any number of reasons a major project might not come to fruition. In fact, a number of high-profile films were canceled in 2018.

The biggest projects to see the chopping block this past year were the seemingly endless number of announced Star Wars spin-offs. After Disney purchased the franchise in 2012, they wasted no time in churning out the sequels, releasing four films over a three year period, and announcing several more down the pipeline.

However, with the franchise's gradual decline in ticket sales, culminating in the vastly underperforming and critically ignored 'Solo,' Disney CEO Bob Iger admitted that the company had tried to do “too much, too fast,” and would be slowing down their releases in the future, putting the proposed Obi-Wan Kenobi and Boba Fett spin-offs indefinitely on hold.

Another notable cancelation in 2018 was the already completed Biggie/Tupac investigation film 'City of Lies,' which was pulled just months before its September release date. The speculated cause for the shelving was star Johnny Depp’s terrible 2018, which included domestic assault allegations and reports of drunken, unruly behaviour.

Other shelved films from this past year included 'Cowboy Ninja Viking,' a comic-book adaptation starring Chris Pratt that was nixed over script problems, and another cursed remake of the 'The Crow, 'which was put on hold after star Jason Momoa went on to bigger, wetter things. ‘District 9’ director Neill Blomkamp has thus far been successful in making virtually the same movie three times, but was thwarted in his fourth attempt after an unsuccessful crowdfunding campaign.

For more in-depth look into the reasons these films were put on hold, check out this video from Looper:


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