The 5 Biggest Lies Our Teachers Told Us in School

For the first 20 years of a student’s life, teachers tell them how to write, read, and learn, but often times these teachers are wrong. Many put teachers on this pedestal where they’re expected to know everything, and when it comes to the curriculum, they do. However, over time after graduating college, many students realize the curriculum was wrong as well. This may in part be because many American textbooks are deliberately vague about certain subjects as not to offend a specific school district but also, to mythologize American history. For this reason, many of our teachers are lying or embellishing what they’re teaching in school.

For instance, in many Southern states, textbooks cite the lack of protection of Southern rights for causing the Civil War, when in fact, slavery is what started the war. On a similar note, many teachers taught us that Abraham Lincoln strongly opposed slavery, when in reality, he would do anything to save the Union, even if that meant keeping slaves. Many other big lies taught to us by our teachers in school aren’t as deeply rooted, however. A perfect example is the classic teacher quote, “You’ll get your toy back at the end of the day.” Raise your hand if you’ve ever gotten your toy back before the end of your lifetime.  


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