5 Best Weed-Related Costume Ideas for This Halloween

For many people, October marks the beginning of Halloween, so they begin their festivities early by decorating and buying plenty of candy. More importantly, October marks the beginning of the search for the perfect Halloween costume. For some, this means dressing as their favorite TV or movie characters, but to many marijuana users this means dressing in the perfect marijuana related costume. Now is the perfect time to start looking for costumes, especially because there are a number of perfect marijuana related costumes to choose from.

First, the Zig Zag man is the perfect costume idea for any marijuana consumer already with a full grown beard. The famous man drawn on every packet of Zig Zag rolling papers is the French soldier “Zouave”, whose clay pipe was broken by a bullet in the 19th century, during the Battle of Sevastopol. He smoked his tobacco in a piece of paper torn from a bag of gunpowder instead, so this is certainly a legendary costume. For a funny and easy marijuana costume, simply find a pot of any kind and wear it on your head to be a “pothead”. When deciding what marijuana related costume to wear, be sure it isn’t a fire hazard so you can smoke on Halloween night.


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