5 Best Places to Use Cannabis (When You’re Not at Home)

Every cannabis consumer enjoys smoking from the comfort of their own home for a number of reasons. The main reason why consumers may prefer smoking at home is because everything they need and want is in one place, requiring very little movement to find. Rather than searching for the perfect restaurant to satisfy your munchie craving, consumers can simply go to their kitchen and find exactly what they want. When out and about, cannabis consumers don’t have this luxury, but fortunately there are some great places to smoke marijuana when you aren’t home.

First, dog parks are the best places to go to begin with because there’s guaranteed to fill you with love and laughter even without cannabis. When combined with cannabis though, dog parks are even more fun, especially after smoking a sativa, because you’ll have all the energy to play with the dogs. Farmers markets are another great place to go anytime with or without marijuana, but when combined with marijuana, they’re a great setting for the perfect afternoon. Most farmers markets are outdoors, so they make for an easy smoke, plus they’re filled with aisles of fresh foods for easy munchies. If you’re looking for a more relaxed smoke, drive-in movies are the perfect place even though they aren’t quite as common these days. Fortunately, there are still some old gems that make for the perfect viewing and smoking spots even when you aren’t home.


If you're hosting a celebration for 4/20, you may be looking for creative ways to spruce up old edible classics like chocolate chip pot cookies. And with the weather beginning to heat up, you may want to transform those simple pot cookies into cookies and cream popsicles. This recipe, designed by cannabis chef Monica Lo, creator of Sous Weed, is easy to execute and incorporates Original Pot Co.

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