5 Best New Cannabis Dishes You Should Try Making Today

Now that recreational marijuana is officially available in more states and countries, expect to see an array of cannabis infused foods on many restaurant menus. Many chefs and marijuana investors are now teaming up to ignite the culinary scene in the marijuana industry, spurring the cannabis foodie movement. Some of these chefs have created the best new cannabis infused dishes that you must try making today.

In California especially, chefs are now experimenting with local food and flower, including tacos. Restaurants and chefs are creating their own versions of this classic California dish by infusing it with cannabis regardless of the filling. Poutine is another best new cannabis infused dish you must try simply because it is, “An elevated version of a classic Quebecois dish.” Curry is another must try cannabis infused dish because now, chefs are experimenting with cannabis infused ghee to make a variety of curries. This experimentation will help the edible market grow to an expected $100 million this year.


Every parent talks to their kids differently when it comes to the conversation around cannabis. While some parents will explicitly tell their kids to wait until they're old enough to consume (if ever, at all), others leave the conversation open, assuming their children will learn about weed elsewhere. But the bottom line is that, especially in a legal atmosphere, no matter what the approach, your kids are bound to learn about cannabis one way or another.

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