5 Best Horror Movies to Watch While High

October is the perfect time to watch scary horror flicks because of Halloween, but sometimes they are tough to watch when cannabis consumers want to smoke. Most scary movies have jump scares and are meant to keep viewers on the edge, but there are a select few horror films that are perfect to watch while smoking. These films are scary while also being rather light and mellow, making for a scary and calm marijuana movie night.

This is the End” is one of the best horror films to watch while high, though most will certainly argue that this is more of a comedy than horror. The characters in the film will certainly argue that it is horror though, because they experience an apocalypse that kills Michael Cera, Mindy Kaling, and Rihanna. This film also features plenty of marijuana consumption to help viewers get through the “scary” parts. “Idle Hands” is another horror film best to watch while high because it actually may be the ultimate high scary movie, because it’s about a pot-loving teen whose right hand becomes possessed with an evil spirit. This movie also features plenty of cannabis, so be sure to get your weed and blankets ready for a cannabis infused Halloween.


While most trends seem to move towards safer and more well-protected activities for children, this might be the wrong approach when it comes to playgrounds. At least, that’s what a recent video from Vox’s By Design series, which explores the concept of “adventure parks,” argues. "They can play with any dangerous tool, they can take really dangerous risks and overcome them, and this builds up a tremendous sense of self-confidence in themselves," Marjory Allen, landscape architect and the person most responsible for popularizing the adventure park concept, said in an archival interview.

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