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The 5 Best Drive-In Movie Theaters That Somehow Still Exist

The very first drive-in movie theater opened in 1933 at Park-In Theaters, in Camden, New Jersey. The term “drive-in” came later when this theater experience became more popular, as thousands of drive-ins opened all across the United States. The popularity of these theaters was especially high after World War II, as it became an iconic part of American culture. Every weekend family, friends, and couples would pay a quarter to watch a movie in the privacy of their cars. Now, drive-in movie theaters aren’t nearly as popular, with fewer than 500 still around, though some of them are certainly still some of the best theaters.

99W Drive-In in Newberg, Oregon, is one of these drive-in movie theaters that somehow still exists. The theater has been owned by the Francis family for three generations, since 1953 when Ted Francis built the theater, with "Sea Devils" and "Under the Sahara" showing as the first features. Since opening, every year the drive-in has larger car counts, and fortunately the theater can park 275 to 300 cars. Theater regulars from Washington and neighboring Oregon towns drive down to the drive-in, since it only opens for a short period every year, typically from April to October.


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