5 Beloved Characters Who Are Actually the Worst

There are a number of television shows that create antiheroes or unlikable characters the audience somehow empathizes with. Walter White for example, is a drug dealer but audiences like him because he is a high school chemistry teacher working two jobs in addition to being diagnosed with lung cancer. Even though he may make very poor decisions and cooks meth, viewers like Walter White. On the contrary, a number of TV shows try to erase these bad character traits by making them seem like the hero, but turns out that many of our favorite beloved characters actually aren’t the heroes we thought they were.

A prime example of this is the classic fairy tale character, Peter Pan. Even though “Peter Pan” is a children’s movie, there are some darker undertones. First of all, the movie starts with Peter breaking into a home to kidnap Wendy, Michael, and John to take to the island Never Land. Then, although Captain Hook is cast as the villain, he only seeks revenge because Peter Pan cut off his hand first. Wendy then invites the Lost Boys to join her on their way back to London, but Peter is so against growing up, he refuses and the rest of the Lost Boys follow suit


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