After a long shift, every bartender comes home with a number of stories to share about the drunk people that they meet. Many of these people actually often try to hit on the bartenders with some of the best and worst pickup lines. According to some bartenders on Reddit, many of these pickup lines they’ve overheard are actually very smooth and very successful.

Though it might be a bit outdated, “Hey miss, could you spare a couple quarters? I can call you later?” is certainly a smooth a successful pickup line that’ll at least cue some laughter. This line might work better if people still used payphones, so the more modern pickup line might be, “Do you wanna come over and watch half a movie?" Any successful pickup line will get you through just half a movie. One of the most smooth and successful pickup lines is also the most honest, “You mind if I sit here and hit on you for a while," because clearly honestly still is the best policy.