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5 Apps To Make You Freakishly Good At Work

We're all basically cyborgs these days, anyway - and Fast Company's recent round-up of productivity-amplifying apps proves once again the utility of technology to better living. Here are some hot work apps you might have missed scrolling through their monster list.


Web-based app lets you clear emails from your inbox until the time you specify you want to see them again - effectively, turning emails into reminders of when you're supposed to do something. Another cool feature? The ability to write messages in advance, then schedule them to be sent later. Want that big client to think you're burning the midnight oil on their project? Schedule an email for 4 a.m., then hit the sack early. The free version lets you play around with 10 messages per month.


Whether you're doing candidate interviews, collecting bids, or pranking your friends, sometimes you need a disposable, temporary phone number. Burner gives you a free set of digits to start, which forwards to your main number. You can even set up a separate voicemail greeting and return calls using it number, meaning your personal number stays private. When you're done, torch your burner number, and never face another inundation of calls. Available for Android and iOS.


Remember the old Inspector Gadget cartoons? You know, when Gadget would get a message set to self-destruct in five seconds? This is basically the internet version: just write a note in the site's Post-It-like interface, and it gives you a unique URL to email, text, or whatever to whoever you want. They can see the note, but the link/message will disappear for anyone else who tries to access it. No paper trail.


Keep it on the down-low with this tried-and-true tool for Android, Kindle Fire, Mac, and PC. Erases your browser search history and cookies so any internet browsing you do stays confidential and your identity remains anonymous. Scours, as well, for temporary files, cookies, old apps, and assorted useless crud that could be slowing your device down.


Always have to look up the hotkey to take a screenshot when you need it? This sleek tool works with nearly all browsers to quickly grab whatever's in the window. Save what you can see, the whole thing, or a selection, with a single click. Once you've got what you need: then download it as an image or PDF.


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