5 Amazing Tree Houses You Can Rent on Airbnb

Treehouses are typically a space for children to escape from home to play, but that doesn’t necessarily mean adults have outgrown them. Now, there are luxury treehouses available all over the world for people to visit for a weekend or vacation. Some of these treehouses may look like ordinary treehouses, but they have special features like kitchens, panoramic views, hammocks, and forests just to name a few. Many of these fancy treehouses are available to rent on Airbnb, but only a select few are truly amazing inside and out.

First, the Secluded Intown Treehouse in Atlanta, Georgia is one of the most amazing of these tree houses because for $375 a night guests can stay in Airbnb’s #1 “Most wished-for listing worldwide”. The secluded treehouse is equipped with three separate rooms; the bedroom, sitting room, and hammock deck which are all connected by rope bridges for one of the most amazing treehouse experiences. The Panoramic Treehouse in Mountain View, Hawaii is also amazing because it is completely off the grid with 360 degree views for just $95 a night. The treehouse is also surrounded by Ohia and Guava trees, so guests are free to eat any guava fruit that falls, which might be even more beautiful and amazing when paired with cannabis.


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