Joints And Blunts Are Still The Most Popular Way To Get High, Poll Finds

With the ever-burgeoning legalization movement has come a tsunami of inventive and elaborate new instruments for cannabis consumption.

It turns out you can’t beat a classic, however.

A survey by Civilized and PSB of 1,600 North American adults found that a good old-fashioned joint (or blunt) is still the most popular way to get high; more so than pipes, edibles, bongs, vaporizers and tinctures.

In the U.S., 52 percent of respondents put joints and blunts at the top of their list, compared to 45 percent for pipes, 27 percent for edibles, 21 percent for bongs, 20 percent for vaporizers, 14 percent for oils/tinctures/capsules, 12 percent for topical creams and three percent for the mysterious “other.”

In Canada, joints and blunts were even more popular, with 68 percent of respondents making them their top pick. This was followed by 32 percent for pipes, 27 percent for edibles, 26 percent for bongs, 21 percent for vaporizers, 14 percent for oils/tinctures/capsules, six percent for topical creams and four percent for “other.”

While it’s unclear what “others” respondents were referring to, it’s safe to say we’re interested in trying them. But not more interested than we are in joints and blunts – obviously.

Civilized partnered with PSB to conduct a survey of more than 1,600 North American adults to explore modern cannabis culture. PSB is a world renowned global strategic communication advisory based in Washington D.C. With roots in innovative political campaign strategy, PSB is a full-service research and insights agency engaging blue-chip organizations across all sectors.

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