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4 Ways Infrared Light Therapy Can Benefit Your Skin

Beauty technology has come a long way. Instead of just applying masks and creams these days, numerous skin ailments can be treated by a host of techniques, from microdermabrasion to fillers to vibration therapy, which you can enjoy at the spa or even right in your very own home.

One of the most interesting advances in beauty tech, however, is infrared light therapy. Using red, white or blue light, special contraptions beam light particles on your skin to treat a whole host of issues. While you may look a little freaky wearing one of these devices, people who use them swear by them. Read on to learn how they might work for you.

Reduces Wrinkles

Red light is one of the three colors used in infrared light therapy treatment. The vibrant hue’s specialty is anti-aging. In fact, one study showed that, after undergoing light therapy, 82 percent of participants found that they had significantly less wrinkles around their eye areas. (Considering how delicate the skin is around the eyes, this was quite the finding.) Used on the face and neck, red light therapy can set the clock back, so to speak, without the use of harsh chemicals.

Treats Photoaging

If you’re someone who habitually forgets to wear sunscreen, you may be dealing with what’s called photoaging or premature aging of the skin due to UV exposure. While it may seem strange to counteract photoaging with more light, infrared light therapy does just that. By increasing collagen and elastin via red light, the treatment has shown promise as an effective way to remedy skin damage. Just be sure to make sun protection part of your daily routine from here on out to keep up the benefits of the therapy.

Reduces Inflammation

While blue light is known for its anti-aging effects, white light is used to reduce inflammation and calm the skin down. This type of light can actually penetrate deeper than others, creating a tightening effect on the skin, too, which can be looked at as an added benefit. If you find that your skin is just acting up in general, white light therapy could be a good option. You could also get it as an add-on to other infrared light therapies.

Soothes Acne

Unlike the other two infrared light therapies, blue light is specialized for improving acne and preventing breakouts. This type of light kills the bacteria that causes pimples and can penetrate deep into the skin, even treating painful cystic acne. Getting a 15-minute treatment as part of a facial to help clear your skin can be very effective in keeping breakouts at bay.

How to Try It for Yourself

While a number of top beauty brands offer their own in-home infrared light therapy treatment devices, it’s worth trying out the treatment at a spa first before investing in a tool to use yourself. With a trusted esthetician working with you, you can understand which light therapy is best for your skin, what duration you should be using and what products might complement your treatment. If you find that it’s effective, then it may be time to invest in a tool you can use for upkeep. Most high-end spas now offer this buzzy treatment, so book that facial and see for yourself what it’s all about.

Natasha Burton has written for Women’s Health, Livestrong,, and, among other print and online publications. She’s also the author of five books, including 101 Quizzes for Couples and The Little Black Book of Big Red Flags.


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