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4 Mental Strategies To Help You Enjoy Edibles Without Freaking Out

Edibles are intimidating for a lot of people: most of the marijuana horror stories floating around out there happen to people who got overzealous with the Kiva bars or THC-infused cookies.

While homemade goodies can, unfortunately, be a bit of a gamble, there are some time-tested ways of sensibly dosing edibles without sending yourself on a one-way ticket to Panic Attack Town.

1. Prepare your mind

Perform a quick self-assessment. Are you feeling anxious, bummed, or down on yourself? Are you tired? Hungry? Stuck with people you don't really want to be around? Got something to do later? If the answer to any of these is yes, consider rescheduling. Also, if you're new to eating edibles, be aware of the fact that smoking tolerance doesn't equal edibles tolerance. When THC is metabolized in the liver after being ingested in an edible, it's supposedly more psychoactive. "This gives weed edibles a demonstrably 'different' high - longer, steadier, but not necessarily more intense, writes Mic's Kathleen Wong.

2. Exercise patience

When you eat cannabis, your body processes it at an unbelievably slower pace than it does via other consumption methods like smoking or vaping. So start small at a dose of 5-10mg, particularly if you're trying edibles for the first time. It's better to budget more time than you think you need than not enough. "Marijuana infused products can take 30 minutes to 2 hours to take effect," according to a cute pamphlet from Dixie Elixirs. "So take your time, because overindulging is not fun."

3. Respect the mind/body connection

As with alcohol or pretty much any other drug, edibles are much more intense when on an empty stomach. Be sure to eat a solid, nutritious meal before taking your THC. Additionally, keep in mind "people with a high BMI may feel the effects more, needing to consume less," according to Northern Lights Cannabis Co. "For people with less body fat, adding fat with your consumption of cannabis will give a better effect. For example, eating nuts or avocados with your edible will help improve your absorption of THC."

4. Stay calm

If you've accidentally eaten too much and start to feel woozy, faint, disassociated-in-a-bad-way from reality, or otherwise unpleasant, remember: this too will pass. "THC, the psychoactive compound in marijuana, can't kill you, even if you've ingested so much that you're convinced it might," write Huffington Post's Matt Ferner and Nick Wing. "According to studies, you'd need to ingest thousands of times the amount of THC in a single joint to be at risk of death. To put that in perspective, just 10 times the recommended serving of alcohol can be fatal."If all else fails: consult this handy guide to the number of people who have ever died from consuming marijuana.

h/t The Huffington Post, Mic.


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