This Technology Elevates The Art Of Building A Bong

It is officially time to ditch that gross plastic bong with an alien sticker that you've kept hidden away in the closest since university: Printabowl is creating display-worthy water pipes you'd be proud to show off as an objet d'art.

The bongs, with their unexpected forms, are created using cutting-edge 3D printing technology. The concept for the "elevation instruments," as founders Al and Saul Jacobs call them, was inspired by a science-centered course on creativity and innovation.

Al & Saul Jacobs, Co-Directors of Printabowl

The black ceramic bongs pay homage to a wide range of natural and man-made forms: the Alpha, which retails for $300, is inspired by "ancient hand-spun ceramic ware fabrication," while Tesselate mimics "the naturally-sharp angles characteristic of smokey quartz." Each model is part of a limited edition of 10-20 devices, and custom-printed to order.

Whatever they're supposed to look like, they look amazing.


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