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A 3-Year-Old Handed State Troopers A Bag Of Weed At A Traffic Stop

New York state police got quite a surprise during a routine traffic stop along Route 32 in New Scotland, New York last Thursday, when a 3-year-old handed over a bag of weed.

Driver Scott Hill, 26, was already in trouble when police found that the little girl in the back seat was riding "without proper child safety restraint." The situation got even worse when the toddler pulled out a baggie containing marijuana and cannabis paraphernalia and then handed it over to the troopers.

"The little girl reached under the front seat and retrieved a zippered pouch. She opened it and held it up so the trooper could see the contents," police said in a statement.

Both Clark and the vehicle's other passenger - 33-year-old Megan Karl - were arrested and changed with unlawful possession of marijuana as well as child endangerment. Police did not reveal the relationship of the young girl to the vehicle's passengers, but that she has been released to family members.

h/t Time


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