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3 Ways To Rock Shorts This Summer (And Still Look Professional)

Men's shorts are a subject of debate: Jerry Seinfeld, for example, has an unreasonable hatred for all men's garments above-the-knee. But he's not the only one with questions about when/if they're okay. How short is too short? How baggy is too baggy?

Let's take some of the guesswork out of this summer staple: after all, the mercury's rising. You shouldn't be uncomfortably sweating in jeans when you should be kicking back with a cocktail, feeling the breeze on your knees.

1. In a different material

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A slightly longer, knee-length short should usually be tailored slim - and that means a lighter, more breathable material is in order if you want to keep cool. Solid colours, especially navy blue, are a trend for 2016 - see these super-soft patterned fleece shorts by Ralph Lauren. For those who want to give an oh-so-subtle nod to their love of, ahem, nature, there's this chic leaf print cotton shorts by Marc Jacobs.

2. With something better than a t-shirt

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Graphic tees, for the most part, are best left to the young. A classic untucked polo shirt tends to strike the right balance between "boardroom" and "boarder": if you want to look more put together, tucking in a well-fitted shirt is usually a smart look. Got a great chambray dress shirt, but feeling too hot to handle long sleeves? Roll up them up for a more refined vibe.

3. Not too far above the knee

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If you have the physique and the inclination to pull of the thigh-grazing 1970s jogger look, than by all means, do your thing - as long as you're heading the gym, or the trails. Athletic shorts, unfortunately, don't do double-duty for any but the most casual, family-and-friends type affairs. The general rule of thumb is no more than 2-3 inches above the knee, depending on your proportions: you don't want to be taking style tips from Borat.


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