Life's Too Short For A Boring Old Cup Of Coffee

If you're like me, you are 75 percent caffeine at any given moment of the work day.

But sometimes regular ol' drip coffee can leave you feeling like a, well, drip. Perhaps it's time to expand your coffee-related horizons with these three unique coffee beverages from around the globe.

Black Ivory Coffee

Do you find that your morning coffee is just too dull? Maybe you should look into Black Ivory. Its coffee beans are eaten and digested by elephants, and once the beans are *ahem* "deposited" (as the website puts it) out the other end of the digestion, the beans are hand-picked, sun-dried and roasted. The enzymes in the elephant's digestive tract break down coffee proteins, that reduce the traditional bitterness we associate with a cuppa joe. Want to try it? It'll cost you at least $73 for a sample pack.

Kopi Joss

Ask anyone who's pulled an all-nighter - too much coffee can be rough on the stomach. Want the sweet kiss of caffeine without the your tummy feeling like a burlap sack full of sadness? Kofi Joss, an Indonesian specialty, is for you. The secret ingredient is hot charcoal, which neutralizes the acid in coffee for a smooth, flavourful experience.

Cà Phê Trứng

Remember the scene in "Rocky" where Sylvester Stallone wakes up and drinks a glass of eggs to prepare for his training?

Well, this is the coffee equivalent of that. Popular in Vietnam, Cà Phê Trứng ("egg coffee") mixes sugar, condensed milk, coffee and egg yolks. Unlike Rocky's morning regimen, it's apparently quite tasty; one fan calls it, simply, "liquid tiramisu".


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