3 Times Celebrities Got High And Narrowly Averted Disaster

Normally, a little herbal enhancement is a good thing - but sometimes life throws you a curveball, and you suddenly really, really need all your faculties to keep up.

Here are 3 situations when getting high turned into a bit of an unanticipated adventure - but it all worked out for the best.

1. Jamming with Paul McCartney

David Grohl can smoke with the best of 'em: however, even he was defeated by whatever he was smoking before he was hanging out with Paul McCartney and all he has is a piano (which you don't play) and a bunch of left-handed basses (and you're right-handed). Perhaps the trippiest thing of all is that Taylor Swift, of all people, showed up to save the day - but really, you've gotta hear Grohl tell it.

2. Super hungover on a plane

Seth Rogen told Conan about the time he got so high off a weed brownie a flight attendant thought he was having some sort of major health event. "I had a very early flight a few months ago and I was very hungover because I drink a lot sometimes. And in order to deal with the hangover I thought it'd be a really good idea early in the morning to eat a brownie that I had that had some herbal components. That was probably a bad idea. Obviously, I'm going to say it was not a good idea combined with what I did next. I got to the airport and I was hungry, because I was hungover and I had eaten this brownie and the only thing in my terminal was a Burger King. And it's like 7 in the morning and I look and what they have new on the menu was something called an Angry Whopper ... I ordered the Angry Whopper ... I downed it fast, and then I got on the plane and I instantly fell asleep... So I was sleeping on the plane, I assume sweating like crazy, probably having a vivid dream, and I'm suddenly woken up by a flight attendant shaking me and she goes, "Sir, you've just had a seizure," I think, "Oh my god, did I just have a seizure?" and then she literally screams, "Is there a doctor on the plane?" To which a guy responds, "Yes, I'm a doctor," and he starts running over to me and it's all happening so fast. So the doctor is checking me out, and I'm embarrassed like I don't think I really had a seizure...

As soon as we land the flight attendant comes up to me again and she goes, "We've landed, I want you to relax, the paramedics are here waiting for you." ... No joke, we get out of the plane and another paramedic comes up to me and goes, "The ambulance is at the curb waiting." They put a thing on my finger and it was like, "Beep, beep, beep," and I was like, "Oh no." And at that moment, I pulled the thing off my finger and I said, "Everyone relax, I did not have a seizure, I had a marijuana brownie and an Angry Whopper."

If the video below doesn't work in your country, try watching at this link instead.

3. Right before an audition

This totally could've been a Degrassi plot: apparently, teenage Drake was so jazzed up about finally being accepted by some "cool Jewish kids" at his high school that he did a couple of bong rips before he was scheduled to head out for his Degrassi audition. "It was crazy," says the child-actor-turned-sadboy-rapper, "because I started really getting paranoid, I thought I'd just completely ruined my life, I started splashing water on my face constantly, it was like a Clearasil commercial! I showed up to the audition and got just a little less paranoid, went in and did what I could. Was just devastated I couldn't tell my mom." Looks like things worked out okay, at least.

Banner Image: Drake at the 2015 Wimbledon where, as far as we know, he was not high and not avoiding disaster. (Twocoms / Shutterstock.com)


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