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3 Steps To Raising Your Child

At Civilized, we know that being a great dad can be quite a daunting challenge. Children are like complex pets, they need feeding, cleaning, and constant care. To help make sure you’re properly fulfilling all that’s required of you as a parent, we’ve prepared this handy 3-step how-to for raising a child.

The 3 steps to raising a child are the following:

  1. Feed your child. Look, you’re gonna get a lot of advice as a parent about what a child should eat. Vegetables, proteins, vitamins. These are all words that people will use to try to confuse the issue. But at it’s very core, feeding your child means making sure that edible materials enters through the large hole under a child’s nose and passes into their stomach. This is step 1.

  2. Change your child’s diaper. Eventually, by some mysterious voo doo no one understands, your child will stop wearing a diaper and start going to the toilet like an adult. But in the interim, it’s important to change a child’s diaper at least once per day.

  3. Save the day. As a dad, your job is to make sure your child doesn’t do a header off of a high curb, drive their bicycle into the path of a moving bus, or generally have any discomfort befall themselves whatsoever. So, be a great parent and save the day. Just be awesome.

So that’s it. 3 steps to raising perfect, well-rounded children ready to enter the world as productive members of society.


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