3 Pros and 3 Cons of Smoking Joints

Joints are one of the most classic and common methods of smoking marijuana. Every marijuana consumer has his or her preferred way of smoking though, so some users don’t enjoy this old school method. For this reason, in the industry you either love joints or hate joints, because like any other method of consumption, joints have both pros and cons.

First, joints are great to smoke on the go because they are discreet since they’re small and look like cigarettes, plus they’re easily disposable, so users don’t have to carry around a joint butt all night. Joints are also very popular because they progressively get stronger the more they are smoked because the weed becomes stickier as more resin builds up. This makes for bigger pulls of tastier, harsher weed that hits users harder. Many users don’t like smoking this way though because it wastes weed faster because joints burn the same amount of cannabis at a faster pace. There is also a learning curve to smoking joints that many users don’t have the patience for because not only do they need to learn how to smoke properly, but they need to learn how to roll a joint. Rolling joints requires flimsy papers, so rollers have to be extremely delicate, or all their work will be destroyed. Many consumers still prefer the classic joint to anything else though, so they will always remain popular.  


Saying you work in cannabis is sure to raise some eyebrows. Some people might be curious, others might not take you seriously, and still others might ask how they can invest. These cannabis executives dish on the reactions they get when they say they work in the space, and how those reactions have evolved over the past 10 years.

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