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Three Emerging Cannabis Markets to Consider This Week

This post is brought you by Invictus MD.

When it comes to an industry that is as young and changing as the cannabis space, new opportunities are bound to pop up from every direction. As the industry expands and laws change, new markets will continue to emerge and provide openings for smart investors looking to get in ahead of the rush.

In this spirit, we’d like to take a moment to share with you three exciting markets that offer massive potential for growth:

1. International Markets

While many tend to maintain a focus on the rapidly developing market in the United States, the cannabis markets in nations abroad are growing fast.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, for example, has just introduced legislation that aims to legalize recreational cannabis throughout Canada. Israel and Australia has been opening up to legalized cannabis as well as both countries have sought to harness the medicinal powers of the plant. And in Europe Spain is angling to overtake Amsterdam as the continent’s green capital due to ever-relaxing cannabis laws. Bottom line – cannabis investment opportunities will continue to develop all around the world.

2. Future Legalized States

As the idea of legalized cannabis enjoys growing support nationwide, we’re going to see a lot of states following the lead of the West Coast states that have already gone recreational.

In the immediate future, this is looking most likely in Montana, New Jersey, and Connecticut, among a few others. There are even some experts who have floated Texas as a potential recreational state, which doesn’t seem impossible given its strongly libertarian nature.

Worried about what the likes of Jeff Sessions and Sean Spicer have to say about legalization efforts? Don’t – public support is behind it, and they’ll be gone in a matter of time while the booming cannabis industry will continue to grow year after year.

One of the best strategies for taking advantage of these and other emerging markets involves investing in a company with a broad portfolio of cannabusinesses. At Invictus MD, they’re doing just that – seeking out the latest developments throughout the industry, then bringing them within their already expansive suite of opportunities from LPs to fertilizers to nutrients.

3. Cannabidiol

What are cannabidiols? Unlike THC, they don’t get you “high”. Otherwise known as CBD, cannabidiols are generally used in a variety of medicinal applications.

CBD is already popular in many circles, but the interest it’s received so far is nothing compared to what is to come. According to estimates from the Hemp Business Journal, CBDs are going to explode by 700% to reach $2.1 billion in sales by 2020. Other estimates place that number even higher, with Greenwave Advisors saying the market will hit $3 billion by 2021. Get into CBD now, and all signs show that it will pay off later.

The cannabis industry is maturing fast – by identifying upcoming trends today, you’re poised to enjoy growing success tomorrow.

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