You can say one thing about Republican Presidential candidate Donald J. Trump's supporters. They're resilient. A Trump supporter will not be swayed by facts, reason, star-power, or controversy

We've compiled 25 moments that should have ended Trump's campaign, and we only started counting since the last debate ended nine days ago.

Let's start with things said during the last debate...

1. When Trump threatened to Prosecute Hillary Clinton

That's straight up banana republic talk. It's bad for democracy to have leaders jailing their opponents and it should have been a political career ending move.

2. When Trump Admitted He Hasn't Spoken With His VP Nominee

"He and I haven't spoken, and I disagree, " said Trump, when it was pointed out that he disagreed with Mike Pence about their approach to the Syrian crisis. If the man can't keep he and his VP on message, how can he possibly be trusted to run an entire nation?

3. Trump Admitted He Doesn't Know Anything About Russia

The president of the United States should know a little about the inner workings of Russia.

But we'll give Toronto Star reporter Daniel Dale the last word on Trump's debate performance in the second debate.

4. Trump Threatened Retaliation If More Reports Of His Poor Conduct Are Aired

The day after the debate, Trump was saying more things that should have destroyed his campaign, including his threat to retaliate if more tapes of him being inappropriate toward women were released.

"If they want to release more tapes saying inappropriate things, we'll continue to talk about Bill and Hillary Clinton doing inappropriate things - there are so many of them, folks," Trump said.

5. When Trump Wanted To Put Clinton's Accusers In His Family Box At The Debate

Ok, so technically this happened before the last debate, but The Washington Post broke the story the next day. Luckily, officials prevented him from actually sitting Bill's accusers in the family box.

It's unconscionable for the next POTUS to be so consumed with petty revenge tactics.

6. Billionaire Warren Buffet To Billionaire Trump: Actually, I Do Pay Taxes

During the debate, Trump alleged that Hillary's supporters are using loopholes to avoid paying their fair share of taxes. Investor and longtime Clinton ally Warren Buffet released a statement, and his tax returns, that prove Trump's claims were false. 

The next leader of the free world should have a public history of paying his taxes, not be made into a verbal punching bag by his own words.

7. An Unaired 'Apprentice' Transcript Revealed Trump Couldn't Stop Talking About A Female Contestant's Skin

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Emily West Photographed At The Grand Ole Opry (Larry Darling / Flickr)

Huffington Post got their hands on a transcript from a portion of the Apprentice that never aired, and it revealed Trump's weird fixation on the skin of budding musician and show contestant Emily West.

“I assume you’re gonna leave this off, don’t put this shit on the show, you know. But her skin, her skin sucks, okay?” Trump said, according to the transcript. “I mean her skin, she needs some serious fuckin’ dermatology.”

8. When Trump Stepped Up His Warnings Of A Rigged Election

At minimum, a presidential nominee should have faith in the U.S. democratic process. Without that, he is undermining the very institution he wishes to protect and serve.

9. When Trump Started Stepping Up Attacks On The Media

Can we just disqualify potential presidential nominees as soon as they allege a global media conspiracy against them? 

10. When An Evangelical Pastor Called Trump Lecherous And Worthless

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Even megachurch pastor and member of Trump's own evangelical council of advisors, James MacDonald, denounced the nominee as "worthless." How bad do things have to get for a pastor to called you worthless?

11. That Time A People Magazine Writer Levelled An Assault Accusation Against Trump

In 2005, People Magazine writer Natasha Stoynoff went to Mar-a-lago to do a puff piece on Donald Trump and his wife Melania. The writer alleges Trump got her into a room alone and then tried to force himself on her.

12. When Jessica Leeds and Rachel Crooks Accused Trump Of Sexual Assault

Prompted by Donald Trump's denials that he had inappropriately touched women, two women stepped forward to tell their stories of Trump's inappropriate behaviour in the New York Times.

13. When Donald Trump Then Threatened To Sue The NY Times

The United States is litigious enough without having it's Commander-in-Chief leading the way with frivolous, thin-skinned lawsuits.

14. When The NY Times Called Donald J. Trump's Bluff

To date, Donald J. Trump hasn't actually filed suit.

15. When Trump Released An Advertisement Attacking Clinton's Health

This from the man who sniffled his way through two debates.

16. When Polls Started Showing Trump Losing In Utah

Utah was the most Republican-leaning state in the country in every presidential election from 1976 to 2004 and then again in 2012. A Republican candidate who can't win Utah has truly lost the plot.

17. When Five Teen Beauty Queens Said Trump Walked In On Them Changing

Four Miss Teen USA beauty pageant contestants from 1997 accused Donald Trump of entering their dressing room while they were changing. Some of the contestants in Miss Teen USA are as young as 15 years old.

18. Entrepreneur Lisa Boyne Alleges Trump Looked Up Women's Dresses And Commented On What He Saw

There's a bit of a pattern forming here regarding Donald Trump's dealings with women.

19. When Hollywood Reporter Revealed Donald Trump Once Said 'When I Come Home and Dinner's Not Ready, I Go Through the Roof'

shutterstock 92438527

Is this a presidential campaign or an episode of Honeymooners?

20. When Trump Tried To Defend Himself By Claiming Attacks Were Part Of A Mexican Conspiracy

It may not be an official rule, but I think we can all agree being a racist should prevent one from ever sitting behind the big desk in the oval office. 

21. When It Was Revealed Trump Called Deaf 'Apprentice' Contestant Marlee Matlin 'Retarded'

Surely we can all agree that having the leader of the free world call a deaf person 'retarded' is disqualifying behaviour.

22. The Time Kristin Anderson Accused Trump Of Inappropriate Behaviour

Kristin Anderson, an aspiring model at the time of the alleged incident, confirmed Trump's earlier admission about "grab women by the pussy" when she went on CNN and accused him of doing just that to her in the early 1990's.

23. When Trump Said His Accusers Were Too Ugly To Assault

Trump said you could tell an accuser was lying just by "taking a look." This is why women don't come forward to report sexual assault, they get attacked.

24. That Time Donald Trump Didn't Have The Good Sense To Know This Was A Bad Idea

Look, for any other candidate in any other campaign this might just be an awkward moment, but given everything Trump has been accused of, including commenting on the date-ability of a 10-year-old, there was no way Trump should've assumed this was going to be anything but creepy.

25. When 6 People Corroborated Natasha Stoynoff's Story

Revealed: 6 People Who Corroborate Natasha Stoynoff's Story of Being Attacked by Donald Trump

Anyone who didn't believe her accusations before would have to now, right? Right?

Once again, we'll let a Daniel Dale tweet have the final word on Trump.

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