'22 Minutes' Sketch Tackles Marijuana-Related Border Problems

As we’ve reported before, those involved in the soon-to-be-legal cannabis industry can expect some problems when crossing the US border this fall, since working in in the sector has been declared “grounds for inadmissibility,” and could potentially carry a lifetime ban.

Making light of the issue, long-running Canadian sketch show ‘This Hour Has 22 Minutes’ aired a short sketch featuring four travellers trying to make their way into the US.

In order to get a decent cross-section of people who are expected to have trouble at the border, the four character-types parodied in the skit include a nervous casual user, a cannabis industry executive, a small scale start-up and, of course, a stoned teenager.

Rather than banning them for life, as the regulations currently call for, the guard shrugs and lets them in, stating "it’s not like Canadian weed lovers can do any more harm to Donald Trump’s America".

Watch the sketch below:



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