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2018 Year in Review (July through December)

Check out January through July here.

2018 is finally over. It was a long year, so it's worth taking a moment and looking back at the last twelve months. We’ll be focussing mainly on the world of weed (if we had to recap every bit of Trump news we’d be here til the end of January). So roll one up, get comfy and enjoy.


In July, Civilized debuted its inaugural podcast series Cannabis & Main, hosted by Ricardo Baca. If you need some good holiday listening, subscribe to it on your podcast app of choice.

We heard about a Canadian animal shelter that uses cannabis oil to treat a variety of animals with a wide array of symptoms. There was also a disturbing story out of Washington, DC, where more than 300 people overdosed on 'synthetic marijuana’ (K2 or spice) over 12 days. We need to get this stuff off the streets, and legalize the real thing.


This month, we began a new video series called ‘Ask A Budtender’, where we asked the folks on the front line of the cannabis industry what they hear from customers day to day. Check it out on our YouTube channel.

Oh, and the Devil's Lettuce is no longer just a cute euphemism for weed. 


One month out from legal weed in Canada, we celebrated our third birthday. While we prepared for the big day, we were transfixed by this video of a dispensary worker fending off bear spray-wielding attackers with a bong. We also had a great interview with hockey Hall-of-Famer Jeff Friesen, another athlete who is speaking out about how cannabis as a safe and effective form of pain management.


What else could it be? The story of October 2018 was the legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada. We interviewed Ian Power, the very first person to buy legal weed in the country, who described it "all of your birthdays and your first time at Disney World” put together.

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This was a big month for us. November saw us add two exciting members to our Civilized family: The 420 Games and Business of Cannabis. Expect to hear much more about this in 2019…

Elsewhere in the world of weed, South Korea legalized medical marijuana, and popstar Shawn Mendes came out of the cannabis closet. One month after legalization, law enforcement officers confirmed that the sky didn’t end up falling. There were, however, snags: we got some frank talk about Canada’s shortage of legal marijuana. And we celebrated the end of Jeff Sessions’ tenure as Attorney General by going on a tour of Las Vegas’ new cannabis museum.


As the holidays approached, we found lots of things worth celebrating: the passage of a farm bill that legalizes hemp, more good news about the benefits of cannabis legalization, and much more.

Thanks to all of you for spending 2018 with Civilized. Here’s to an amazing 2019.


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