Beating Colorado in cannabis sales is a tall order, but Washington state sure came close this year. 

According to new data from the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board, 2017 cannabis sales in Washington state topped $1.1 billion at the end of September – falling just short of Colorado’s $1,118,207,832 from that same period.

The data also reveals that Washington state’s cannabis industry decimated several of its own sales records in the last five months – with monthly sales now topping $130 million and the retail market only continuing to blossom.

While the data shows that sales in the state tend to fluctuate from month to month, they’ve generally been on the up-and-up all year. This could be partially attributed to the fact the state increased its number of retail cannabis licenses in early 2016, when the LCB upped its cap from 334 to 556.

The LCB monitors dollar-amount sales of concentrates, edibles and topicals, but not flower.

We can only imagine (and hope) these figures will serve as further incentive for all recreational markets.

h/t 420 Intel