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15 Examples Of Hilariously Bad Design

Face it, folks - we are spoiled by good design. You're reading this on a gorgeously designed smartphone or laptop, maybe sitting in an ergonomic office chair. But not everything has the design budget of Apple. Thanks to the crafty Redditors at r/CrappyDesign, we have a gallery of gobsmackingly bad design from around the world. We've chosen some of the very best examples for your browsing pleasure.

15. It's 1112 o'clock somewhere.

photo by Vileghas

Photo submitted by Reddit user Vileghas.

14. You had ONE JOB, drinking fountain.

Submitted by Reddit user amork45.

13. That's...not how fire extinguishers work.

photo by cevanc

Photo submitted by Reddit user cevanc.

12. "No need to measure - we'll just eyeball it. I'm sure all the letters will fit."

photo by chorbotown

Photo submitted by Reddit user chorbotown.

11. We've got all the settings, from "cold" all the way to "cold"!

photo by zeissbickham

Photo submitted by Reddit user zeissbickham.

10. Good question.

photo by spineofgod9

Photo submitted by Reddit user spineofgod9.

9. Poor Ronda Rousey. She doesn't need this after the week she's had.

photo by attacktheradical

Photo submitted by Reddit user attacktheradical.

8. We should celebrate the liver more, don't you think?

photo by iamjason10

Photo submitted by Reddit user iamjason10.

7. That's some solid advice.

photo by Uiopx

Photo submitted by Reddit user Uiopx.

6. From a Chevron gas station - exactly what you want to hear before a long car trip.

photo by pfdingus at a chevron

Photo submitted by Reddit user pfdingus.

5. Half-man, half-crane - all tech.

photo by JoeB 302

Photo submitted by Reddit user JoeB_302.

4. Dogs in gas masks: The termite's natural enemy.

photo by RottonPotatoes

Photo submitted by Reddit user RottonPotatoes.

3. Stay shorp, folks.

photo by ktrcoyote

Submitted by Reddit user ktrcoyote.

2. "It cranks up the intensity."

photo by moosebaloney

Photo submitted by Reddit user moosebaloney.

1. Everyone knows you lift with your legs, not your...ahem.

photo by Smartnership

Photo submitted by Reddit user Smartnership.


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