146 Years Later The Ringling Bros. Circus Goes Dark

On May 21st, ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’, the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey will go dark. It started in 1871 and has gone for 146 years, surviving the Depression, but will now finally shut down because of dwindling audiences. For a decade, ticket sales have decreased, especially in 2016 when the elephants left the ring. The circus has been battling animal rights organizations and accusations of elephant abuse for years, even winning a total of $25 million in two settlements. Public opinion supported animal rights however, because an online campaign against their elephant tactics further damaged the circus’ reputation.   


The legal cannabis industry in Colorado has reached another huge milestone. On Wednesday the Colorado department of Revenue announced the state has now generated more than $1 billion from cannabis taxes since the recreational cannabis market launched in 2014. In a statement, Gov.

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