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12 Of History's Weirdest Christmas Cards

Snowy landscapes...Santa's of happy families. At this time of year you've given and received enough Christmas cards that they all start to run together. But if you look back - way back - to the pre-Hallmark days, there's a whole world of unusual, funny and disturbing cards to enjoy. Here's a selection.

Ducks And Beetles: Together At Last

ducks beetles

At first I thought this was a warmhearted reminder that Christmas is about spending time with people you love even though they are very different from you. Then I realized the ducks may be preparing to eat the beetle. Merry Christmas?

Happy Holidays! Enjoy Some Frog Crime

frog murder

Because nothing says Merry Christmas like, uh, violent frog murder.

Christmas Meats


Not a huge fan of that pun, but this card beat 'Sausage Party' to the punch by several years.

Don't Show These Pigs The Sausage Card

pigs xmas

Honestly, this might be the most accurate representation of how I feel after two days of Christmas cheer and turkey naps.

Dinner Frankenstein


Actually, this is the most accurate representation of me after Christmas dinner.

I've Got A Baaaaaad Feeling About This...

greet you

Children: Don't talk to strange goats on Christmas. They just want to eat your garbage.

Hot 'n Heavy Christmas Tree Action

9191e3a665fd07821558c159cdc2a7e1 christmas postcards vintage christmas cards

So that's how apple-scented Yankee candles are made.

Mr. Steal-Your-Girl

root man

This is the ideal male body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

Seasonal Depression in Christmas Card Form

deadbird2 1880s

...I suddenly miss the sausage that makes puns.

Santa The Phone Creep

creepy santa

Santa used to dial a lot of 1-900 numbers.

Watch Out For The Krampus

creepy victorian vintage christmas cards 5 584aa6eb99cd2 700

The half-human, half-goat anti-Santa is a popular figure on cards in some parts of Europe. Here's the Krampus leading a bunch of naughty children to their doom, apparently.

Krampus in Love

4ad353f95257240d3618e12bb42b851a grinch diablo

Lest you think the Krampus doesn't have a softer side, here he is dancing with his special lady. Congratulations to their future, hoofed offspring!


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